27 June 2012

Coming of Age: The Graduates
Visual Arts Alberta Gallery
Edmonton, AB

AMAZING SHOW! Thank you to the stupendously friendly and helpful staff at VAA for your patience and hard work! This show was a great success with a very large, positive and supporting outcome of visitors! And a special thank you to Sharon Moore-Foster for taking the extra time to allow me to give you the best presentation of my work possible! And to the grand curator Dick Averns for allowing me the privilege of exhibiting with a fantastic group of Alberta Graduates!

Here are just a few photos from the show!

"When encountering the works of Jean Day and Gillian Mitchell, consider how both artists have so competently managed to oscillate between the realms of figuration and abstraction. In challenging reality as we think we know it, or perceive it, Day and Mitchell exhibit extraordinary abilities in conceptual nuance and fine craft, resulting in potential emotive experiences for both formally educated and casual audiences, alike."

Dick Averns,
Alberta College of Art + Design
Calgary, Alberta

7 June 2012

Coming of Age: The Graduates

I apologize for the laziness on my part, but here is the link to a group show I am in that is coming up at Visual Arts Alberta this month!


I have a website domain now!!!